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Welcome to EDIT Curriculum

A unique curriculum for digital citizenship based on storytelling

Empowering students to use their own voice and their own stories to come up with solutions


It’s easy…

Clicking on any one of the sections below will take you to what you need. Our stories are divided into seven categories and some core lessons. Every story or lesson is at your fingertips and ready to be downloaded and used with your students.


Middle and High School

Here you can find material to use with middle and high School: our core lessons, our stories, and our role plays. It is easy to navigate. If you can’t find a story for a subject you need to treat, just send us a request and we will create it for you.


Learn how to use the curriculum online with videos and webinars

Here you will be able to learn from home or you school. You will find a video explaining the curriculum, how we think you should be using it and loads of tips.

Webinars will be available as well. You will need to sign up to be on our mailing list and you will be invited to join in from the comfort of your own home.

Primary School

In this section you will find stories, role plays and core lessons that are for primary school needs. We have also created a webinar on how to deliver this content. We hope you’ll enjoy this.


Professional Development for Staff and Parents

In this section you will find stories that can be used with parents but also with staff to spark discussion. A few of the stories can be used for students, parents and staff covering all areas.


Core Lessons

We wanted to make sure that we have a few core lessons for you. We have created eight core lesson plans on what we find to be the most crucial subject areas. You will also find a webinar on how to deliver these core lessons.


Our Core Lessons

You will find our core lessons here. They are plans for 30-minute lessons based on the principles of living in harmony with the internet and our devices.