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Edit Curriculum goes back to the basics of storytelling to inspire, empower, and teach empathy to the next generation of digital citizens.


Why storytelling?

Our future leaders will be those who have strong communication skills, empathize with others, and are connected to their humanness. Edit Curriculum gives schools the tools and skills they need to create a safe space to discuss today’s issues and the ever-changing digital world we live in. The students are at the center of the curriculum. Their discussion is key because they live in a different online space than many previous generations have experienced.


Our stories are TEEN TESTED and cover a range of topics and ages. We have worked with the DQ Institutes Standards to align them with your school's needs. The idea is simple. Subscribe to our site and get a constant stream of stories and some core lessons.

The stories take about 20 minutes to read and discuss. We cover every topic you can possibly imagine with over 80 stories already uploaded. Our aim is for the students to step into the story to gain perspective. Learning how to deal with tricky online situations before they happen, and discussing emotions linked to their online world has proven not only helpful to them but freeing.

They are relieved to discuss issues they, themselves, are nervous to broach.

We have some stories which are sensitive in content, which simply means they will have one of the four elements: foul language, sexuality, drugs, or alcohol. There are a variety of stories to suit different styles, different schools.

We have a Primary Section, a Middle- and High School Section, and a Personal Development and Parent Section.

We are also proud of our core lessons. The core lessons will always be linked to the stories teaching empathy, perspective taking, time management, healthy gaming and so much more. We have made these lessons easy for teachers to use; they even come with a powerpoint presentation.

If you need a story on a subject just let us know, and we will create one for you. We want to make your life as educators easier. We spend our time researching what teens are doing, and coming up with conversations to help teens cope with the content that explodes into their lives from their phones and computers. Let us help you help them.

We can

help by:

  • Delivering relevant, relatable stories (topics ranging from balanced media use to online identity, relationships, gaming, well-being, privacy and online drama);

  • Creating stories for your schools needs;

  • Offering content for authentic discussion;

  • Getting your program aligned to DQ standards;

  • Offering virtual trainings, and webinars for teachers;

  • Delivering core lessons and social emotional competencies;

  • Giving practical advice for teachers and counselors;

  • Offering blogs, and letters written especially for your school’s needs.


Our Categories


Online Identity

The Online Identity section discusses how we establish and portray ourselves online. This topic includes different components such as online personality, beliefs, and self-esteem.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Identity

  • Digital Safety

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence



Media Balance and Dynamics

The Media Balance section discusses the amount of time and energy spent using media. The Media Dynamics section discuss how different social contexts (school, home, community) impact and effect media use.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Use

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence


Relationships and Communication

This section discusses how we communicate and collaborate on- and offline.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence

  • Digital Communication


Privacy and Security

This section discusses the awareness and management of personal information online. This topic discusses moral and ethical risks when sharing or withholding personal information.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Safety

  • Digital Security

  • Digital Rights


Cyberbullying and Digital Drama

The Cyberbullying and Digital Drama section discusses problems that involve online harassment and humiliation. This also includes online fights and disagreements.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Safety

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence

  • Digital Identity



The Gaming section discusses video + app-based gaming culture and the effects of gameplay.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Use

  • Digital Communication

  • Digital Identity


Digital Literacy

This section discusses how we find, evaluate, and create using technology. This includes sharing and reproducing knowledge with or without consent.

DQ Area Alignment:

  • Digital Rights

  • Digital Literacy

How do I

sign up?

It is easy. As a school you pay a subscription fee. All teachers will then have access to our core lessons, the webinar on how to use the curriculum, and our growing base of 80 plus stories. Of course, with this subscription, you also can ask us for a story on a specific subject. If you need a story on a new App or a problem you might encounter, tell us, and we will create it for you.

Our digital world is moving so fast. We understand that teachers need someone behind the scenes keeping up and creating content on the social and emotional level so they can help steer students to live in harmony with their devices, and learn to deal with what they encounter daily at school and at home.


Coming soon!

We are in the pilot stage of the curriculum. If your school is interested in piloting this we still have a few spots open.

The curriculum will be available for all schools soon thereafter. Allison and her team are putting the final touches on the stories and the lessons and collecting valuable insights from our pilot schools.

Who’s behind all of these stories?


Four women and a passion

IMG_1939 (1).JPG

It all started when …

a school said, “Allison, we need more of your work. Could you please create something we can use when you leave?” As serendipity would have it, in the next few weeks, Camilla and Morgan contacted Allison asking to join forces with her. Marienke was already onboard as the mastermind behind role plays, theater and helping bring this content to life.

When these four educators met, all different in age, nationality, and experience, magic happened.

We knew this program was needed. We have sat together, had long discussions, debated over content, tested that same content with teens and educators, laughed a lot and thrown a variety of ideas around. We hope you will enjoy, learn and laugh with your students while discussing these relevant topics. If we don’t have what you need for a specific situation or audience, don’t forget to ask. We will create it for you.

IMG_2025 (1).JPG

In case you’re curious


Allison Ochs - Principal Storyteller, Creator, and Owner

Allison is an American/Swiss social worker, author, lecturer, teacher, and consultant. She has volunteered in an Orphanage in Mexico and as a board member at the International School of Amsterdam. She has worked at the University Hospital in Kiel, in a teen transition home and has both taught and held leadership positions in public and private schools in Switzerland. She is currently the owner and president of EDIT change management Sàrl, and author of "Would I have sexted back in the 80s? A modern guide on raising digital teens derived from lessons of the past.

When she is not on the road sharing stories with teens, parents, and teachers to help them navigate and live in harmony with their smartphones and various devices, you will find her either in Amsterdam or a small town just above Lake Geneva.


Marienke van Terheijden - Role Play, Theater Creation and Storyteller

Marienke is a Dutch educator, actress and comedian. In 2009 she graduated as a drama teacher, and since then has been using theatre and education to tell stories and educate on subjects that are near to her heart. She has worked in community theatre, high schools and wrote and acted in educational plays...Always using humor and openness.

At the moment she tour the Dutch public schools with an educational comedy-play about traffic safety, she acts in commercials, write stories and plays and role plays for Edit.


Camilla Hannuksela- Curriculum Manager and Editor

Camilla is a Finnish High School English teacher with over a decade of experience in the public Finnish school system including working with the IB. She is also and curriculum writer and the co- author of eleven published books for the national Finnish curriculum.


Morgan Russo - Curriculum Manager and Content Creation

Morgan previously taught 4th - 7th grade in Chicago Public Schools and at KIPP Chicago. She was an instructional coach and grade level chair and went on to direct a non-profit, Teachers Supporting Teachers, which focuses on urban teacher leader development and retention. She now writes curriculum for a variety of educational companies including Peekapak and 321 Learning. She is currently working on a children's book around digital citizenship and media balance. She is passionate about empowering today's youth to understand both the sunny and dark sides of media and technology.


We embrace the uncomfortable, scary, but necessary space. As the digital world evolves, technology can’t compete with our human side.
— Allison, Marienke, Camilla and Megan