Can my school be a pilot school?

There are still a few spaces open. Contact us for more information at info@editcurriculum.com

When will the Curriculum be ready?

We are hoping for a full launch in January 2020.

Can I deliver this without training?

Yes, the idea is to make it easy for teachers. You can watch a webinar to help you out. Training is great and I would love to deliver a training for you but this should be easy to do without any previous training for any teacher, Even those who aren’t techy.

Are some of you stories exaggerated?

The stories are largely based off of experiences I have had with teens, off of their stories and struggles. Years of work have gone into collecting stories, and understanding the way they act online with one another.

What do you mean by sensitive content?

This simply means that the stories have fowl language, sexuality or drugs and alcohol. We understand that every school is different and choices will need to be made based on your cultural context and your school culture. Even though we highly recommend the sensitive stories, it may be wise to have a school counselor deliver this content or a teacher who feels comfortable deliver this content.

Some of your stories have fowl language. Why would you use that?

The stories flagged with an S for Sensitive might not feel comfortable for all schools and all teachers. Nevertheless, they are the stories that will have the biggest impact because they will feel real for the students. They come across this content daily and are relived to talk about it as it is. And btw. there is a lesson on language to counterbalance the use of fowl language. We be no means condone this.